Music Video – Ashei

The eyes have it… Bright Eyes!

Ashei are a New Zealand four-piece pop/rock band, with a shared passion for intense live performance and honest song writing. ‘Bright Eyes’, is a catchy-as-hell, up-tempo and ballsy pop/rock track, so our DOP John Griffin decided to shoot using one of our 4K RED Epic Dragon cameras, going for a simple, yet emotionally effective approach to the lighting with a small amount of slow motion adding weight to many scenes.

Led by a unique female voice that reaches both the gritty angst and delicateness of the vocal spectrum, Ashei are a solid rock act but also fresh and a little left of centre. Add to this an intense live performance and honest songwriting and you have a band to keep your eyes fixed on.

We shot the video within Orly studios and on location. The band was great to work with and really professional in their approach to the shoot. Throwing the powdered paint all over the studio was certainly a highlight, even if a really messy one… and the end result looks and sounds great!

Ashei are not only a band to look out for, but an entity, sure to set crowds alight.