Sealy Australia – Exquisite TV Commercial

Exquisite Australian TV Commercial.

We were commissioned by Sealy Australia to produce this ‘Exquisite’ 30 second tv commercial. We started by casting a professional Australian female voice-artist and recording the voice-track. We designed and built a bedroom set within our studios, cast a local model, and shot the live action footage. We commenced in-house production of the 3D animation sequences and visual effects. Our post-production crew then proceeded to combine the live action footage, animation, visual effects, music and voice-over, complete to the TVC master. As part of our comprehensive service, we also took care of Australian CAD approvals, and made on time delivery to many tv channels across Australia.

Sealy Australia – Actual Client Statement:  Since completing our very first project with you, I’ve been delighted and amazed by the quality and timeliness of your work. It’s not often that we meet a supplier who has the ability to really absorb and properly respond to a brief, and then to deliver an end product that corresponds to the first concepts presented. Our product is quite unique in the way it works, and it’s nice to work with a team who really ‘gets’ it.

It’s also been so easy working with Orly as a one-stop-shop. From producing high-quality, beautiful 3D video product visualisations to creating the theme and TVCs for whole campaigns, it’s great to find a production house that can do it all. And I very much appreciate your recent work to create from scratch and deliver a suite of digital banner ads and videos. Marketing Manager – Sealy Australia